Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Writing Progress

I've begun writing a book, a mystery/thriller that I've been working on in my mind for several months. I started outlining it, initially using The Snowflake Method, about six weeks ago. Once I had the scene list down (Step 8) I was so anxious to start actually writing the thing I went ahead and got started. I just finished the first chapter, about 2,200 words.

I had initially intended for the book to be aimed at the Young Adult (YA) market, typically 14-18 years old, but after posting the first 660 words for critique on the Absolute Write forums, the feedback seemed to indicate that the book would be better suited to an Upper Middle Grade (MG) market, 10-14 years old.

My first instinct was to increase the ages of my main characters from 14 to 17 and change some of their dialogue and scenes as appropriate, but ultimately I decided to carry on writing as I had been, and if the voice ends up putting the book in the MG area, then so be it. If and when it's finished, we'll see what, if any, feedback literary agents have to share about its proper position in the market.

The book is set primarily in my hometown of Rochester, NY. The climax takes place in Washington, DC. I've been in contact with our local Congressman's office, and one of the staff assistants has graciously agreed to take me on a tour of some of the locations where action will take place. I haven't gotten anywhere near the end of the book yet, so I'm not booking the trip just yet. Ideally I'll be close to the end of the book by the end of March. I'm thinking a late-April trip might work if I can keep to that schedule.

I intend on posting regular updates on my progress as well as reflections on the writing process. Some will be written, like this one, and others will be video entries. For that, I'll need my iMac back from the Apple Store (where I took it this week for the second time in my six weeks of ownership).

Feel free to look me up over at Absolute Write - my screen name is DoctorK.

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